Rembaum's Association Roundup

Your Association’s Contractor Walked off the Job – Now What??

As happens far too often, contractors bid on an improvement project, start the work, only to later walk off the job. The contractor might do this for one of many reasons: the job was not bid correctly, prices go up, the laborers demand more money, and anything else that leads the contractor to believe they […]

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations – Condominiums Going Green

While gasoline powered vehicles are still dominant on Florida’s roads, the ever-growing presence of electric vehicles cannot be ignored. The number of electric vehicles on our highways and streets continue to climb as they become more and more affordable. As consumers continue to embrace a greener lifestyle, Florida’s lawmakers have paved the way for condominium […]

The Condominium Fire Sprinkler Retrofit and Engineered Life Safety System Requirements

There appears to be some confusion surrounding the compliance date of the Engineered Life Safety System for those condominium associations that previously voted to opt out of the requirement to install condominium fire sprinkler retrofit. What is not confusing is that the safety of all occupants living in high-rise condominiums is paramount. No one wants […]

What a Difference a Day Makes – The Need for Strict Compliance with Fining Notice Requirements

The ability to impose a fine on an owner who has violated the conditions and regulations of a community association is one of the tools an association may use to bring about compliance with its governing documents. Notwithstanding the provisions regarding the fining process that may be set out in the association’s governing documents, the […]

Think Rules and Regulations Do Not Need to be Recorded? Think Again!! – Recent Legislative Changes Affecting Homeowners’ Associations

Many Floridians live within a community operated by an association of some kind, be it a community of single-family homes under the jurisdiction of a homeowner’s or property owner’s association, or a condominium building maintained by a condominium association. These owners should be well-aware that many aspects of life within these communities are subject to […]

Is There an Autobahn in your Association? The Need to Regulate Traffic Within Gated Communities

The use of automobiles in Florida can be a source of pure enjoyment, but often results in stress and frustration. This is especially true as you witness a neighbor speeding recklessly on the association roads. Safety should always be paramount. Unfortunately, not every driver operates their automobile in a responsible, safe manner leading to all […]

Bungle in the Jungle – The Presence of Wild Animals in Your Community Association

With the ever-increasing urban development in Florida, especially in South Florida, we are sometimes reminded that we live in close proximity to a number of native and exotic invasive wild animals. What can and should happen when your community association is confronted with that unexpected wild animal that causes a ruckus, or even worse, the […]

A Stitch in Time – 2018 Legislative Edition

“A stitch in time saves nine”. This is a well known phrase which implies that a little work now, will save you from a lot of work, later. Remembering this phrase can go a long way in the management and operation of your community association. The Florida Legislature has amended numerous statutes affecting our community […]


Community associations have an interest in the safety and integrity of their communities. Generally speaking, boards of community associations would like to be reasonably certain that potential owners, renters and other occupants have the financial capability to meet their financial obligations. Also of concern are potential purchasers’ and tenants’ criminal backgrounds, if any, so as […]


A necessary duty of Florida’s community associations is to levy and collect assessments to ensure the upkeep of the community. In a perfect world, all owners would timely pay their assessments. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. When owners do not pay, their association often takes legal action including the filing of a lien […]