NBC NEWS Reports Condo Could Have Been Repaired Faster Under Prior Law | July 7th Building Maintenance Video Now Online

The Champlain Towers South collapse is a heartbreaking tragedy. While it may be months before the cause or causes of the collpase are determined, NBC News reporters Jon Schuppe and Phil Prazan look back at Florida’s laws governing condominium associations to determine if they could have made a meaningful difference. KBR attorney Jeffrey Rembaum provides […]

The Reserve Process – To Fund or Not to Fund, That is the Question

As the end of 2015 nears, so too does the end of the fiscal year for many condominium associations throughout Florida. Most condominium association boards have begun to prepare their association’s annual budget for the upcoming year. Sometimes there is confusion amongst condominium association boards as to whether or not they must fully fund reserves […]

It’s Budget Time at Grizwalds and Goblins Community Association

It’s Halloween time, and that means it is that time of year for boards of community associations everywhere to prepare next year’s association budget.  A good budget is reflective of good financial planning.  In practice, it is anything but an exact science. When examining the community association budget process, there are a few subtle nuisances […]

Reserves, Reserves, Reserves

It’s election season again and you know what that means,  right? If you live in a condominium, then typically at your annual meeting, in  addition to the election, the association’s opportunity to vote to waive or  reduce reserves takes place, too. Here are a few helpful hints to keep in mind: Condominium association budgets must […]