New Requirements for Collection of Delinquent Assessments

Robert Kaye, Managing member of Kaye Bender Rembaum, recently wrote an informative and telling article explaining the new collection procedures mandated to be in effect July 1, as a result of  the 2021 legislation. Every board member, manager, and developer needs to be aware of these important changes. ———————————– The Florida Legislature has revised the […]

Association Publication of Deadbeat List & Third-Party Purchaser Assessment Liability

Two New Cases Board Members and Managers Need to Know About CASE No. 1: On June 12, 2020, the Florida’s Fifth District Court of Appeal (“5th DCA”) entered its opinion in Latheresa Williams, On Behalf Of Herself And All Others Similarly Situated v. Salt Springs Resort Association, Inc., and Bosshardt Property Management, LLC., Case No. 5D18-3913 (Fla. […]

Assessments and Association Owned Units

Everyone is talking about it, the meaning of the Third District Court of Appeal’s January 23, 2013 opinion in Aventura Management, LLC v. Spiaggia Ocean Condominium Association, Inc. This ground-shattering, ill reasoned case will negatively affect thousands of community associations throughout Florida. For years, we have known that the winning bidder at a lender’s foreclosure […]

Use Right Suspensions and Fining, and Protesting Board Action Through Non-Payment of Assessments

Not too long ago, both condominium and homeowners’ associations were provided legislative gift. Regardless of whether or not your community’s declaration provides for use right and voting right suspensions, and fining provisions, the Florida Legislature provided for them for you. They even provided the procedural mechanism to enact them, too. In so far as a […]