Rembaum's Association Roundup

How to Wash the Association Clean of a Dirty Laundry Lease

The termination and transitioning from one laundry vending company to another can be a dirty job. Rarely do companies fight as hard as laundry vending machine companies. While community associations should always ensure that their laundry lease with a laundry vending company includes clear termination provisions and specific obligations of the parties upon termination, the […]

A $4.6 Million Dollar Mistake!!! Trying to Void a Contract Due to Unilateral Mistake

A community association’s board of directors is often comprised of lay people who volunteer their precious free time for the needs of their association. At times, a board of directors or single director may make a poor decision, like entering into a dis-favorable contract based upon a mistake. While the contract may be otherwise valid, […]

Defibrillators: Is the Liability Worth the Risk?

According to the American Heart Association, sudden cardiac arrest (“SCA”) is a leading cause of death in the United States. It is estimated that more than 350,000 lives are taken each year due to the abrupt loss of heart function. However, with technological advances, the number of deaths due to SCA have been lowered through […]

The Dish on Satellite Dish Antennas: Interplay Between Community Association and Federal Communications Commission Regulations

As many people who live in communities operated by a community association know, one of the advantages, or disadvantages depending on who you ask, is that the association typically has the authority to regulate the improvements that are made by residents within the community. This authority will keep the purple house out of your neighborhood […]


At issue in today’s column is a subject we recently addressed regarding whether an association must record its assessment lien in the public records of the County in which the community is located in order for it to be effective and whether such lien relates back to the initial date of recording of the declaration. […]


Does an unrecorded assessment lien have any validity or value whatsoever? You bet it does! In a very recent Fourth District Court of Appeal case, Calendar v. Stonebridge Gardens Section III Condominium Association, Inc., decided December 13, 2017, the plaintiff homeowner, Mrs. Calendar, appealed a trial court order that dispersed surplus funds from a condominium […]