Rembaum's Association Roundup

How to Derive Income from Vacant and Abandoned Units

A long, long time ago, in a land far, but not too far, away, England, there were two distinct court systems – the court of law, the Court of the King’s Bench, which followed the letter of the law, and the Court of Chancery, which was a court of equity and had the ability to […]


In Bank of America, N.A. v. Caulkett, the United States Supreme Court granted certiorari, and thus has agreed, to address whether the Bankruptcy Code permits a Chapter 7 debtor to “strip off,” or void, a junior mortgage lien in its entirety when the outstanding debt owed to a senior lienholder exceeds the current value of […]

When Expenditures Requiring Owner Approval, Don’t

Not too long ago, Briny Beezes, Inc., a cooperative association (the “Association”) sought a declaratory statement from the Division of Florida Condominiums, Timeshares, and Mobile Homes (the “Division”) as to whether the Association’s Board of Directors (the “Board”) could use its more than adequate reserve funds to repair a seawall to prevent flooding where the […]

The Association’s Right to Access Your Unit: What You Need to Know

Did you know that, according to section 718.111(5)(a), Florida Statutes, your condominium association has “the irrevocable right of access to each unit during reasonable hours, when necessary for the maintenance, repair, or replacement of any common elements or of any portion of a unit to be maintained by the association pursuant to the declaration or […]

Condominium Termination – Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely!

Whether the revamping of the condominium termination procedures began in 2003 due to known problems in Florida’s termination procedures or whether the revamping occurred in 2007 as a result of several prior horrific storm seasons which led to distressed, fractured and unsustainable condominium projects throughout the State of Florida, the obvious fact is that, in […]

Leasing Your Home? Don’t Blame Me If You Don’t Read This

If your association has ever considered filing an eviction lawsuit against a unit owner’s tenant, then you need to know about a recent Third District Court of Appeal case, Shteyn vs. Grandview Palace Condominium Association, decided September 24, 2014. This case is so fresh that the ink isn’t dry yet. In fact, the decision is […]

EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMALS – Don’t Let Your Association Step In It!

Remember those funny Seinfeld episodes when Jerry’s father, Mort, served on the board of directors of that fictitious and loony community, Del Boca Vista, that was supposedly in Boca Raton, Florida? Well, apparently, in Miami there is condominium named Del Vista Towers. While there is no relation between the two, we will soon know if […]

Get That Sign Out of Here!

Your neighbor’s front yard sign supporting their favorite political candidate may be upsetting. But that alone is not a reason to spray paint over it, yell obscenities every time you see your neighbor leaving to go to work or for the association’s board or directors to demand the sign’s removal. This begs the question, “Can […]

Paid In Full: Watch Out for These Dangerous and Very Costly Words

What does your association do when an owner sends the association their assessment payment for less than full amount due? Say the owner owes $1,000.00, and only sends in $100.00 and on their check writes “paid in full.” Do you deposit the check and bill the owner for the difference? If you answered yes, then […]

2014 Legislature: Less is Not Always Best – Significant Changes to the Commercial Condominium Regime

Recently, several new laws went into effect that only affect commercial condominiums. While only a few of these changes make sense, most do not and illustrate the significant misunderstanding of the need to protect all condominium unit owners without regard to whether the condominium is residential or commercial. Remember, before you get too excited, this […]